Home Programme

Science at TRENDO is an exciting mix of concepts, controversies, practice at cusp and evolving ideas. The program is a melange of plenaries, lectures and symposia, clinical case seminars, debates and meet the expert session allowing the discerning clinician to choose and learn in a format that he is most comfortable with. The program has been designed to maximise learning, minimise bias and improve interaction with the strong national and international faculty. A sample of the topics are below.

  • From diabetes to metabolic medicine – a transformation
  • Thyroid – controversies and consensus
  • Implications of COVID and lockdown on metabolic health
  • Spotlight on men's health
  • Revisiting diabetes pathogenesis - emerging concepts

Clinical Case Seminars
  • Emerging complications in diabetes
  • Advances in blood sugar monitoring and insulin delivery
  • Endocrinology of infertility
  • Electrolyte disorders in acute medicine and critical care

Meet the Expert
  • Present and future of obesity management
  • Digital transformation in diabetes care
  • TSH elevation and consequences
  • Nuts and bolts of laboratory diagnostic tests
  • Osteoporotic fractures after bisphosphonates

  • Newer diabetes therapies and multifactorial risk reduction
  • Should diabetes care be cluster based?
  • Metabolically healthy obesity – is it real?
  • Should HRT be revisited?