Home Programme

Science at TRENDO is an exciting mix of concepts, controversies, practice at cusp and evolving ideas. The program is a melange of plenaries, lectures and symposia, clinical case seminars, debates and meet the expert session allowing the discerning clinician to choose and learn in a format that he is most comfortable with. The program has been designed to maximise learning, minimise bias and improve interaction with the strong national and international faculty. A sample of the topics are below.

  • Newer therapies in Diabetes management
  • Hormone therapies in Menopause
  • Covid-19 and thyroid
  • GLP-1 analogues in transforming diabetes management
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Pituitary disorder in pregnancy
  • Type 2 DM - recent trials

Clinical Case Scenorios
  • Role of gadgets in diabetes management
  • Diabetes management in transplant patients
  • Defining subclinical hypothyroidism in older adults
  • Medical and surgical management of obesity
  • Management of male & female infertility
  • Genetics of Endocrine disorders

Meet the Expert
  • Endocrine causes of Hypertension- newer concepts
  • Management of acromegaly
  • Modern approach to Dyslipidemia management
  • Recent advances in management of NAFLD
  • Transgender care
  • Newer Insulins- Clinical relevance

  • Should SGLT2-i be initiated only by Diabetologists?
  • Cure for diabetes- Is Surgery the only option?
  • Intermittent fasting Vs Calorie restriction for weight loss
  • Graves disease - Medical management Vs Radio iodine