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■ 4 MCI Credits awarded for the conference, ■ Quiz Programme.        ■ 4 MCI Credits awarded for the conference, ■ Quiz Programme

Organizing Committee

Dr. P.G.Sundaraman

Dr. P.Velayutham

Dr. R.  Senthil Kumar

Dr. R. Srinivasan

Organizing Chairperson

Organizing Secretary

Co-Organizing Secretary

Finance Secretary

Dr. Krishnan Swaminathan

Dr. R. Suresh Prabu

Dr. Suresh Dhamodharan

Scientific Committee

Coordinator Organizing Committee

Co-Chair Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee

  • Prof. Nihal Thomas
  • Dr. Jayasree Gopal
  • Dr. Arul Prakash
  • Dr. Jayaprakash Sahoo
  • Dr. Kumaravel V
  • Dr. Prem Kumar A
  • Dr. Sakthivel
  • Dr. Anjali Sathya

Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Booma Srinivasan
  • Dr. Arun
  • Dr. Sadhishkumar
  • Dr. Ravi Kiran
  • Dr. S.Muthukumaran Jayapaul
  • Dr. Anand Kumar
  • Dr. Manikandan
  • Dr. Vignesh

About TRENDO 2016


Exclusive meeting held on the 9th & 10th  July 2016 Coimbatore under the auspices of the Endocrine Society of Tamilnadu and Puducherry.


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